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Hares are born!

A couple of white hares just had babies. Two little leverets are only two weeks old, but they already jump around the enclosure and eat adult food. You can see them at Fauna of Russia exhibition.

A sea lion pup is born

He was born on 20/06, and his name is Damir. His mother (Nory) feeds him well, and he grows quickly — he started swimming when he was only a week old, although usually pups don’t go into the water this early.

Five flamingo chicks have hatched

We have five brand new flamingo chicks  — one pink and four reds.

We have a new Amur tiger

A male Amur tiger has arrived to the Moscow zoo, his name is Umar, and he’s living on the Animal Island now.

We have a gorilla baby!

The baby girl was born on 22 of July. She’s already living together with her mother Kira and other gorillas.

Dik-diks have arrived

Come and see them at the African Ungulates exhibit!

Come and see our graffiti!

We have colourful animal graffiti now!

Little black storks have hatched

We have a newborn takin!

We’re not sure about the sex yet, but a baby takin is always good news. Takins are rare animals in European zoos, especially this very subspecies — Sichuan takin. The animal is on the IUCN Red List.

Birds House redecoration

We’ve opened the right wing of our Birds House: all the engineering systems were replaced, and visitors' area and enclosures were totally renewed

Sable antelopes are born!

Our sable antelopes just had babies: two boys and a girl!

5% discount online

Dear friends, we have wonderful news for you! From now on you get a 5% discount when purchasing tickets on our website.

Eagle-owls just had offsprings!

A pair of eagle-owls who live near the bridge just had three little chicks.

Our marmots have woken up!

This means that spring has finally arrived!

Mongooses have just moved into a new enclosure!

A group of 8 mongooses has just taken a new residency in an enclosure near the bridge at the Old Territory.

Our little lions have turned one year old!

In 2013 a good looking young Asiatic lion named Max has arrived to Moscow zoo from Zurich. After a year a young lioness Lina, his bride-to-be, has arrived from Rotterdam. When they grew up, we placed them together, and in the winter of 2015 they had offsprings.

This winter we've asked our visitors: why do they come to the zoo?

This winter we’ve asked our visitors: why do they come to the zoo? What do they think about our mission? Which animals do they prefer? Turns out, the most popular animals are primates, polar bears, and elephants. Also, you love our giraffes, penguins, and foxes.

A few days ago we have let our red pandas outside for the first time

A few days ago we have let our red pandas outside for the first time.

Come and see our Amur leopard!

A young male called Miser has arrived to the Moscow zoo — you may find him in a Wild Felids area in the Old Territory. He was born a year and a half ago at our breeding station and arrived to us from there.

Fennecs and quolls have arrived at the Moscow zoo - meet them at Night World exhibit!

Fennecs are small foxes with large ears who live in Northern African desserts. 

The Long-Awaited Male of the Red Panda Has Arrived at Our Zoo

Now we have a pair of Red Pandas!

Baltic Grey Seals Have Arrived at the Zoo!

Three Baltic grey seals have arrived in Moscow from Riga Zoo.

Our Elephant House is open again after the reconstruction

Our Elephant House is open again after the reconstruction

Injured Golden Eagle brought to the Zoo from Komi Republic

Injured  Golden Eagle  brought to the Zoo from Komi Republic

We invite you to the Zoo to see the little mandrill, the most brightly colored primate on Earth!

We invite you to the Zoo to see the little mandrill, the most brightly colored primate on Earth!

A pair of jackals has come to our zoo

A male named Bir and a female named Iki are living on Animal Island now

Rocky mountain goats just had a baby

He's three weeks old now

“Here in Moscow Zoo we have a great example of natural scientists working under the same roof in a close cooperation in the zoo”.

At the beginning of the XX century Carl Hagenbeck, founder of the Hagenbeck Tierpark in Hamburg, made a breakthrough in zoo world

Moscow Zoo is a museum now!

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