Fennecs and quolls have arrived at the Moscow zoo - meet them at Night World exhibit!


Fennecs are small foxes with large ears who live in Northern African desserts. Our male, Finick, is 4 years old, and our female, Fen, is 5, and she’s never bred before. Both of them are tame, they already recognize keepers and eat from their hands. Fennecs are omnivorous: in zoos they eat fruits, insects, mice, eggs and curds. Fennecs are very active, you can always see them running around their enclosure. They are the smallest members of Canidae family.

Quolls are marsupial martens — the biggest marsupial Australian carnivores. They arrived from Leipzig Zoo. Right now you can see one three-year old female, and in a few months there will be a group of them. Quolls eat eggs, curds, and mice, and are active during afternoon.