Moscow Zoo has started a new promotion campaign for visitors’ attraction in winter time


The campaign is aimed at informing the wide audience (those who still aren’t aware) of the fact: Moscow Zoo is open all the year round!

Moscow zoo is situated at the very center of Moscow, and it is one of the favorite places to visit for adults and children, citizens of Moscow and guests of our city. But for some unknown reason, many people think that the zoo is open only at the warm seasons. Promotion campaign is aimed at informing wide audience of the fact that Moscow Zoo is open all the year round. The most of our animals are either kept at their open enclosures or stay inside nice and warm pavilions built specially for them and for our visitors who are welcome to come to the zoo in any kind of weather! The promotion campaign’ slogan is: «Winter is cold in the city — but it’s warm here! Welcome to the Moscow Zoo, dear friends!». The campaign’s heroes are orangutan, red panda, Asian elephant and capybara.