Our Breeding Center opens its doors for the FRIENDS!

Our Breeding Center opens its doors for the FRIENDS OF THE ZOO club members – now they can book guided tours to this exciting place! Our Breeding center is located in Volokolamsk region, about 100 kilometres from Moscow.

There are more than 160 species of animals there, half of them rare, on the territory of about 200 hectares. Our Breeding Center participates in 16 international programs of breeding rare and endangered species of animals. To provide our animals with comfortable conditions for breeding, we try not to disturb them, so the Breeding center is not open for visitors. Until now, only our staff members and volunteers could enter its doors, but now we invite our FRIENDS OF THE ZOO members to visit this unique place!

You are welcome to join the FRIENDS OF THE ZOO club!For more information on membership, see FRIENDS OF THE ZOO club page or write to: friends@moscowzoo.ru

Photos: Alexander Sashin