Our Elephant House is open again after the reconstruction


The Elephant House has been renovated in time for the cold season. Now our visitors will be able to watch Kiprida, Pipita and Pamir all winter long, being warm and comfortable, among the new colorful interiors of the pavilion. In the enclosure, there are lots of things for environmental enrichment: hay is hung up, so that the elephants have to work in order to get it; keepers  scatter oats along the perimeter of the enclosure – it is not an easy task for the elephants to gather it.

On the ground floor of the Elephant House, there are new small inhabitants – Chacoan (Dwarf) maras, rodents from South America. Soon there will be another exhibit opened – the Elephant Museum with interactive stands telling about elephants’ evolution and their way of life, as well as showing the anatomy of these huge animals and samples of their diet.