The exhibition of Arachnids “Travelling to Arachnolandia” was opened at the Moscow Zoo


At the Moscow Zoo the new exhibit of Arachnids (the first in Russia and one of the biggest in Europe) was opened some days ago. The visitors can see more than 60 species of live Arachnids: wide variety of Tarantulas, Huntsman spiders, Orb-weaver spiders, Scorpions and Thelyphonidae family representatives, and also some carnivorous species from the other Arthropods’ classes – Myriapods and insects. Our guests will not only get acquainted with the wide variety of Arachnids, but also learn a lot of interesting things about their habitats, their unique behaviors and evolution, as well as about necessary safety measures during contacts with them and about conservation of rare species. Studies in the “interactive lab” will let schoolchildren learn the secrets of the micro world with the help of digital optic microscopes.

The exhibit is opened at a small 2-storeyed house close to the Safari playground in the Old Territory of the Zoo.
You can visit the exhibit with guided tours only, so please call +7 499 255 53 75 to book a tour for you!

Photos: Alexander Sashin