The Long-Awaited Male of the Red Panda Has Arrived at Our Zoo


Now we have a pair of Red Pandas!

The male of the Red Panda has arrived at the Moscow Zoo. The animal is 1,5 years old, born in Poland, and still has no name. The male has already passed through the quarantine and now is living in the same enclosure as the female Zein at the Tropical Cats exhibit. The male is getting used to the new environment rather slowly and is still afraid of his new female partner, so they stay at a distance. The male is also very cautious with the keepers and does not approach them. The female, Zein, on the contrary, got used to the keepers long ago — she lets them stroke her hair and takes food off their hands. Though these animals are carnivores, they eat vegetable food almost all the time — carrots, pumpkin and some fruits; but their favorite delicacy is green bamboo leaves delivered from Sochi every fortnight.

The Red Panda is included into the IUCN Red List as Vulnerable species.