The 8th International Conference on Environmental Enrichment (ICEE)


It was a meeting for the exchange of ideas in theoretical and applied research on environment enrichment for animals under human care. This conference was attended by 200 zoo people from all over the world. Example topics include reports and presentation of development, success and further experience in enrichment issues.

The latest achievements in the field of theoretical and applied research on enrichment for animals in captivity were presented in 54 reports, 52 poster presentations and four specialized video films. One of the leading zoologists of Moscow Zoo Irina Alecseyecheva, was awarded fist place for her poster presentation under the title, “The Use of Portable Construction Kits in Off-Exhibit Holding of Pallas' Cats”. Detailed report about the conference will be published in the next issue (№ 23) of the “Scientific Research in Zoological Parks”.