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Entry prices for Moscow Zoo

Adults - 500 roubles

Free admission: schoolchildren and students (up to 17 years of age), military servicemen, disabled people and old age pensioners, families with three or more children.

Please note: there is no provision for left luggage.

CEO of the Moscow Zoo:
Svetlana Akulova

Staff –837 

Territory of the Zoo – 21,3926 hts.
Territory of the Breeding Station – 189,28 hts.
Territory of the Household plot – 51,30 hts.
Attendance – about 4 000 000.
Number of visitors buying entrance tickets is 1 527 727.
For specific categories (e.g. disabled, pensioners, children, students, etc.) the admission is free.


Mammals — 174 species, 1290 specimens;
Birds — 302 species, 1899 +1 000 specimens;
Reptiles — 246 species, 754 specimens;
Amphibians — 48 species, 248 specimens;
Fish — 148 species, 671 specimens;
Invertebrates — 862 species
Total: 1132 species, 5089 specimens (excluding invertebrates)

Please remember: the Zoo is an establishment of increased danger. Your safety and that of the Zoo’s inhabitants is dependant on your following certain rules.

Zoo rules

The visitors of Moscow Zoo are not allowed to:
1. feed the animals;
2. enter service and building areas;
3. climb over the fences and let children stand on the safety barriers;
4. enter the Zoo premises with the pets;
5. cause disturbance, play radios or tape recorders, etc.;
6. tease and touch the animals.

Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

All visitors breaking the rules of Moscow Zoo will be fined.


The animals in the Zoo are fed on carefully prepared and balanced diets, but nevertheless it is natural for some animals in captive environment to beg for food. Feeding animals with sweets, bread and other treats can make them ill and even kill them.

Please, don’t feed the animals!