How to become a real Batman: a lecture dedicated to the bats’ care was held in the Moscow zoo Academy.


During this lecture the specialists of the Center for bats’ winter overexposure told how to help the bats inhabiting in the Moscow region to survive the cold.


The bats inhabiting in the city wake up during hibernation and fly into the living spaces searching for shelter. Such animals cannot survive without the help of people. To this master-class we invited those who wish to take part in the life of bats and conservation of Moscow’s wildlife in general.

At this lecture the listeners got acquainted with the particolored bats, which the Center is now taking care of; learned how to handle the animals, how to feed them, how to organize hibernation and why it is not worth to leave the bats at home and keep them as pets.

IMG_20181207_204730.jpg IMG_20181207_202709.jpg

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