Moscow zoo held a press conference dedicated to its anniversary year


On March 6, the international multimedia press center "Russia today" held a press conference "155th anniversary of Moscow zoo". The leading specialists of the zoo, headed by CEO Svetlana Akulova, told journalists about the plans, festive events and key projects for 2019.


Most recently, Moscow zoo turned 155 years old. This landmark date was the main reason for the press conference. The first part of the meeting was devoted to the current areas of the zoo activity, its role in international work, as well as the main successes and achievements of recent years. A special emphasis was placed on the upcoming festive events dedicated to the 155th anniversary of the zoo: the opening of the Petting zoo after reconstruction, the return of the manul as a historical symbol, the update of the navigation system on the territory and many others. Also, a few words were said about the preparations for the upcoming conferences of the Union of Zoos and Aquariums (UZAR) and the Eurasian Regional Association of Zoos and Aquariums, which will be held in Moscow this summer.


The leading specialists of Moscow zoo responsible for different areas of its work have performed during the press conference. They told the media about the principles of the zoo collection formation, its multifaceted environmental activities (in particular, projects on the conservation of Steller’s sea eagles, polar bears, Asian leopards and other endangered species), as well as about the international relations of the zoo, its active cooperation with the leading zoological organizations of the world. A separate part of the press conference was devoted to modern scientific developments of the zoo in the field of veterinary medicine, zootechnology, as well as work on environmental education, which the zoo has been conducting since its foundation.

Of course, the press conference was not to manage without animals: however, they were presented exclusively in digital format - in the form of unique pictures taken at Moscow zoo, the archival collection of photos, as well as videos that capture the work of zoo specialists in the "field" conditions.