Moscow zoo will present the exhibition “Animalism in graphics” for its 155th anniversary.


In 2019, the zoo will celebrate 155 years since its foundation. One of the first in a series of festive events will be the opening of the exhibition of animalistic works from the funds of the zoo, which will be held on January 23.


The opening of the exhibition will be held at the «Klyuev House». In total more than 30 artworks of outstanding Russian artists-animalists will be presented there, including the artworks of V.Belyshev, a member of the Moscow union of artists; V.Duvidov, People’s artist of the Russian Federation; A.Komarov, People’s artist of the RSFSR; I.Makoveyeva, Honored artist of Russia; V.Frolov, a member of the USSR Union of artists; L.Khinshtein, Honored artist of the Russian Federation and others. All of them throughout the years had been visiting Moscow zoo to create their masterpieces. Their work depict the inhabitants of the zoo - bears, cheetahs, tigers, foxes, cranes and geese, as well as other animals that were a source of inspiration for the artists.


All of the artworks are made at a high professional level and based on full-scale sketches. The artists accurately convey the animals gait, posture of rest, mimic expressions, changeable psyche of each individual animal. The commonality of their creative approach, based on constant contacts with the model, determined the veracity and specificity of the images.


“For many decades, Moscow zoo has been a place of attraction for Russian animalist artists. All of them and their creative heritage are an integral part of the history of our zoo. That is why we decided that the exhibition "Animalism in graphics" will be a worthy beginning of the 155th anniversary celebration. We hope that the zoo will continue to inspire modern animalists, give them rich material for creativity, and the works they create will instill people with love and respect for nature,” – Moscow zoo CEO Svetlana Akulova said.

The exhibition "Animalism in graphics" will be held from January 23 to February 24 at the "Klyuev House." It will be open for visits daily from Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 to 16:30. Free of charge with zoo entrance ticket.