New Year's program in the Moscow Zoo


Specially for the New Year, Moscow Zoo has prepared an exclusive interactive program for its guests.


 “New Year is one of the brightest and happiest holidays. We want our visitors to have a good rest, get a lot of new impressions and emotions. That is why we have developed a special holiday program that will give our guests the opportunity to spend the New Year holidays truly unforgettable! ”- Moscow zoo General Director Svetlana Akulova says.  


Just for the upcoming holidays, the zoo staff has prepared a special educational program, which will be held from 3 to 8 of January:


At the lecture with the animals demonstration "Rules of successful wintering" zoo guests will learn how different animal species prepare themselves for the cold weather, which of the animals hibernates, stores for the winter or migrates to warm countries. Besides that, the listeners will be able to get acquainted with such animals as a hedgehog, polecat, squirrel, raccoon dog, fox, crow, rook, owl and many others.

Tickets for the lecture can be purchased here:

On the tour "Forest inhabitants: from the tropics to the moderate climate zone" we will focus on the need to protect and preserve forests, which not only provide us with oxygen for breathing, but also provide many animals with food and shelter. You will see a wolf, a tiger, a variety of monkeys, Indian elephants, a leopard and other forest inhabitants, learn about the dangers that threaten animals as a result of deforestation. You will learn how the Christmas trees appear in the enclosures after the New Year holidays, what animals need these trees for, and much more.

Tickets for the tour can be purchased here: 


The lecture and the master-class "Bioluminescence in the animal world" are held by zoo specialists together with the NAUKA 0+ Science Festival. Children will learn why some animals and objects can glow in the dark, as well as try to create their own invisible and glowing ink.

The lecture and the master-class "Bioluminescence in the animal world" tickets sale starts on December 15. Follow the news! 


Another Moscow zoo and the NAUKA 0+ Festival collaborative project is the lecture and the master-class "Plants-predators". At this fascinating lecture by Sergey Kunitsyn, you will learn many interesting facts about these unique wildlife representatives, watch them being fed and see them hunt. Each lecture participant will receive a unique gift!

The lecture and the master-class "Plants-predators" tickets sale starts on December 15. Follow the news!

If you have any questions regarding these events please call: 8 (906) 084 48 41, 8 (499) 255 53 75

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Besides that, during the New Year holidays, as well as the last week of December, the zoo visitors will be able to take part in various festive events. For example, on December 22, 23, 29, 30, and January 5, 6, 7 at 11:00 and 14:00 an interactive New Year performance “Time for Miracles” will be awaiting for our guests. Exciting contests, quizzes, puzzles, as well as the opportunity to get acquainted with the amazing zoo inhabitants - all these activities are for those who decide to take part in the performance. The program is designed not only for young guests of the zoo, but also for their parents. Therefore, the whole family can participate in “Time for Miracles” performance.

January 5, 6 and 7 at 12:00 and 13:00 the zoo invites every guest to test their knowledge in the fascinating intellectual quest "Following the snowy paths". The game program will cover the whole zoo territory and each participant will have a chance to try himself as a pathfinder who needs to discover the secrets of different animal species. The quest finalists will receive special prizes – to be able to get acquainted with the petting zoo animals and the inhabitants of the polar regions.

In order to take part in one of the New Year programs you need to sign up now by phone: 8-499-255-57-63 and buy a ticket for the price of 500 rubles.


We are looking forward to seeing you! Spend the New Year holidays with Moscow zoo!