ZIMS seminar was held at Moscow zoo


ZIMS is a unique accounting program of animals of the world zoo community, created by Species360. It is also a platform for the exchange of experience and information between employees of different zoological organizations of the planet.

ZIMS is used by the world's leading zoos, including Moscow zoo, which for several years in a row annually organizes the seminars aimed at the development of this program.


This time more than 20 people from 11 different zoos of the country and from abroad got together at the seminar. Within three days zoo specialists, including veterinarians, zoologists, logisticians, zootechnicians and others, got acquainted with the ZIMS functionality, performed test tasks and learned to use the extensive databases created in the program. A separate part of the seminar was devoted to the use of the ZIMS veterinary module: it contains multiyear invaluable developments in treatment, anesthesia and other forms of work of veterinarians with various species of wild animals.


ZIMS program is designed to unite and summarize the experience of the entire zoo community, to allow specialists within it to work as efficiently as possible, constantly improving their professional skills.

Moscow zoo is proud of the opportunity to hold an annual ZIMS seminar on its territory, to receive colleagues from domestic and foreign zoos, as well as to improve the skills of its employees.