"Day of inclusion. Museum for everybody" and The International Day of people with disabilities in Moscow zoo


We are pleased to share one very important news: Moscow zoo becomes a participant in the All-Russian inclusive campaign “Museum for all”, which is traditionally held on the first Saturday of December and is dedicated to the International Day of people with disabilities for the second time. Along with other museums that participate in the project, today we would like to draw attention to the importance of creating a comfortable environment in museums for all visitors, including people with disabilities. And this comfort is not limited to the physical accessibility of the exposition. You cannot argue that there is nothing better than to give every visitor without exception the opportunity not only to get acquainted with the museum collection independently, but also to take an active part in thematic programs.

This day special programs “A day at the zoo” and “Zoo to the touch” are held at Moscow zoo. They were developed by our specialists considering the special features of different categories of visitors, thanks to which we can give people with vision, hearing, musculoskeletal system problems and mental disorders a unique opportunity to get in touch with the world of nature and to get a rich emotional experience. It is nice that special visitors together with members of their families, as well as friends and everybody who is interested can participate in these programs gladly. On top of that, such events are extremely important, as they give the visitors with disabilities a possibility to expand their capabilities, help with their socialization and significantly contribute to emotional development!

This year the first part of the Inclusion Day was held at the premises of the Educational center, the participants got acquainted with some of our inhabitants and after that had a tour around the zoo. The territory, as well as the pavilions are equipped with ramps for wheelchairs, the buildings have expanded doorways, the stairs are equipped with special handrails and the elevators are available. The program participants were excited to get acquainted not only with the inhabitants of street enclosures, but also the inhabitants of the heated-up pavilions "Cats of the tropics", "Giraffes", "House of elephants", "House of birds".

Interested in our programs? No need to wait for next December! Carrying them out regularly throughout the year. At the same time, we have the opportunity to welcome both pre-formed groups and individual visitors on special group days.

Just sign up to the program in advance by phone 8-499-255-57-63.

We are looking forward to seeing you and your children!