A baby alpaca was born!

A little alpaca was born on 25 of March. You can already visit her at the alpacas enclosure.

Most of the time the baby sleeps in the inside enclosure but when it's warm she goes for a walk outside. She's white which is a rather rare colouring. Her birth weight was about 1 kilo, but the ungulates grow fast and now she's about 5 kilos. For the first 3-4 months she'll be feeding on her mother and then she'll try adult food.

The mother often leaves her child and doesn't worry when keepers come - she's very calm and steady. Other alpacas have welcomed the new baby with great interest.

Our alpaca group has two females (red one and black one) and a grey-white male. They came from our breeding station about 6 months ago. This is the first alpaca baby born in the zoo - before they bred only at the breeding station.

In fact, alpacas are domesticated vicunas who are South American camels' relatives. Peruvian Indians have started to breed them about 6000 years ago. Since then alpacas are kept at the Andean farms and valued for their soft and warm fur.