A baby sable antelope is born!

The baby girl was born on March 16. The birth weight was 13 kg, and now she weighs about 19 kg. At birth baby sable antelopes are bright red and later they turn sandy. Recently she's been spending most of the time lying low in a corner. Usually females feed their calves every 3-4 hours. 

This is the second calf of the proud mother, 4 years old Kafi. Her eldest daughter is 1 year old, and you can see her outside, near the African Animals exhibit. The exhibit is temporarily closed because the female is not to be stressed out, otherwise she might lose the ability to feed the baby. 

When it's warm, they will spend more time outside. 

Apart from the newborn, we have five adult sable antelopes. This species is rarely kept in zoos because it's very demanding to housing conditions. 

In nature sable antelopes live in herds. Eldest females watch over the calves, and mothers are highly protective. Sable antelopes can even fend off a lion. 

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