Зоопарк Онлайн A fur seal pup is born!

A fur seal pup is born!


Two weeks ago little Flint was born, a fur seal pup. His mother is Yushka, 6 years old female - she is known for her friendliness and even let keepers help her give birth. Father is Pirate, he is 6 years old too. For now little Flint is on milk-only diet. Mother never leaves his side and watches him so that he didn't fall in the water, although he is allowed to take small swims in the pool. Currently mother and her pup are living in the inside enclosure.

The parents are very young, and this was their first breeding. In the wild, males reach puberty at 5 years old but usually don't breed until 7-12 years old (at this age they usually get themselves a real harem).