Зоопарк Онлайн A sea lion pup is born

A sea lion pup is born


He was born on 20/06, and his name is Damir. His mother (Nory) feeds
him well, and he grows quickly — he started swimming when he was only
a week old, although usually pups don’t go into the water this early.
He’s getting well with keepers, too. Nory is 12, she was also born in
Moscow, she’s calm and caring mother. Recently she’s been eating more
than usual because she feeds Damir with milk — she eats up to 9 kilos
of fish per day. Damir will continue milk-feeding until he’s 5–6
months old. We have 6 sea lions in our collection — 4 females, a male
named Atilla, and now Damir.

Californian sea lions live on the North American ocean shore. Usually
they spend most of their time offshore (they rarely go further than 20
km from the coast), and their rookeries are on the sand beaches. When
mating, males surround themselves with various females. Pregnancy
lasts very long, and after that usually one pup is born — at birth
they usually weigh about 7 kilos, have vision, and covered with fur.

Come and see our little one!