A ZOO INSIDE THE ZOO: the Children's Zoo was opened in Moscow Zoo after reconstruction


We share the joyful and incredibly long-awaited news! On August 31, the completely updated Children's Zoo opened its doors to its young visitors. The reconstruction, which lasted more than two years, was successfully completed. Thanks to it, young residents and guests of the capital have their own zoo corner, where they can begin to get acquainted with the amazing world of animals!

During the ceremony, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin announced the opening of the Children's Zoo and invited the first visitors to get acquainted with its exposition. Together with the general director of our zoo, Svetlana Akulova, they examined all areas of the Children's Zoo, visited the contact area, with Cameroonian goats and a Wessan sheep, looked at the airfield, the thematic climbing wall and Poitou donkeys.




The opening of the Children's Zoo is a long-awaited and very important event. We are pleased that in the year of its 155th anniversary, the Moscow Zoo will give young visitors a separate part of the territory where each child will be able to get acquainted with domestic animals and begin studying nature in direct contact with it. During the reconstruction, we focused on the experience of our colleagues - the best European zoos, where contact pads and areas for young visitors are presented. We also took into account the high standards of the European Association of Zoos and Aquariums, so the fundamental principle of our Children's Zoo is maximum comfort and well-being of animals, as well as the safety of visitors. A special shelter is provided for each animal, where it can go if necessary - to take a break from the attention of the public or just sleep. In addition, contact interaction with animals will be based solely on their desire: our guests will be able to feed and pet the animals only when they want it and come up to them. Thanks to it, the interaction of zoo inhabitants with humans will be as stress-free as possible.


The main task of the Children's Zoo is the formation of young visitors an initial idea of the animal world, as well as its healthy perception. The exposition of the zoo will allow each child to learn about the enormous role that animals play in the development of our civilization. Also, getting acquainted with the collection of the zoo, children will be able to learn to take care of and responsible attitude to animals. In other words, the zoo will become a rich educational environment where each child will receive a unique experience of interaction with the animal world.


On the territory of the renovated Children's Zoo, 27 objects are located, and it is conditionally divided into several thematic zones: the contact zone "Forest", the contact-training zone "Farm", the exposition of domestic birds, "Aviary", "City of Rabbits", Dovecote, Info center. Also in the zoo there are ultramodern playgrounds - in particular, a climbing wall, climbing on which children can learn a lot of interesting things about animal world. In addition, there are many recreation areas and a children's cafe on the territory, where young naturalists can take a breath and eat.


The main feature of the updated zoo, its all-weather season. Visitors will be able to admire different types of pets year-round. And thanks to new enclosures with heating and special shelters, the inhabitants of the zoo will be as comfortable and cozy as possible in any weather.

Another unique feature of the Children's Zoo is its collection. We tried to make it as diverse and interesting as possible. In addition to familiar domestic species, it has rare and little-known animals - for example, the Poitou donkey (there are only a few of these animals in Russia), the Border Leister sheep with charming ears resembling rabbit, as well as four-horned sheep. But there will be no wild animals in the collection of the zoo at all. We abandoned their content in order to completely protect visitors. For the same reason, those species that may inadvertently injure guests are exhibited behind special barriers, which nevertheless do not interfere the observation of animals.

The Children's Zoo also uses a modern approach to exhibiting animals. It involves the use of special technologies (for example, wire fences that are not visible to eyeы), which create the effect of the most airy “barrier-free” space. Thus, visitors will have the feeling that animals walk freely.


One of the central places in the Children's Zoo is the Info center. It will host informative classes, lectures, meetings with zoologists, and creative master classes. There will also be a new headquarters for the Moscow Zoo Academy - a unique educational project aimed at improving the skills of school teachers, zoo employees and training pet owners.


In the near future, a variety of excursions designed for guests of different ages will be launched at the Children's Zoo. Inclusive programs and excursions will also be held.

In addition, environmental initiatives that have been supported by our zoo for many years will be actively implemented in the territory of the Children's Zoo. So, already now special tanks have been installed on the territory for separate garbage collection. This will form the basis of ecological culture among the younger generation.


The Children's Zoo is open to visitors daily from 9:00 to 19:00. Ticket offices are open from 9:00 to 18:00. A separate entrance to the Children's Zoo is located on the side of Sadovo-Kudrinskaya Street. However, you can get into it from the New Territory of the zoo.

We are waiting for everyone to visit !!!