Зоопарк Онлайн “Animal Island” is open

“Animal Island” is open


Today our two exhibits: “Animal Island” and “Asian Ungulates” will be opened again at the New Territory of the zoo. Our visitors will be able to see the brown bear, the Amur tiger, the tundra wolf, the striped hyaena, Sichuan takins, camel, Przewalski horses and Pere David’s deer. But the chance to see young lion cubs will be the main attraction.

During the reconstruction period, two Asian lion cubs were born at the Moscow zoo. Their father, Max by name, came to our zoo from the Zurich zoo, and their mother, Lina, comes from the Rotterdam zoo. Now young lions are six months old. The young male’s name is Roksak (“defender” in Hindi language) and the young female’s name is Umida (“hope” in Hindi). They still suck their mother’s milk sometimes, but also started eating meat, as their parents do. The mother is watching them very attentively, letting them eat before the adults do it; she herself starts eating only after them. The brother and sister are very good friends. Umida, as all females, is more self-organized, and she takes good care of her brother. The mother is extremely caring and very jealous about her children. That is why she and her children are let to be in the open enclosure separately from the male. So, when you come to see them, you will see either the male, or the female with the two cubs. Watching our video, you will see how they have grown during the past months.

Also, please note that from today on, the Children’s Zoo and the Contact Zoo will be closed for reconstruction for some period of time.