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Baby Capuchins Are Born!


We have two brand new baby capuchins! They're three and six weeks old, and we don't know their sex yet. Both babies spend their time at the back of a female named Smolly. Indeed, Smolly is a mom to one baby... but she is a grandmother to another!

When the younger baby was just two days old Smolly has taken him away from his mother (who also happens to be her daughter), a young female named Nori. Now Smolly is breastfeeding both babies, and Nori is totaly fine with that.

Dorin, who is a father to both babies, decided to stay away from all this uneasy relationship and left for Stavropol. We're waiting for a new male to come soon. As for the moment, we have two adult females, two babies and Yorick, a male who was born last September.