Baby eagle owls

Our eagle owls just had babies - you can visit them at the exhibit near the bridge. The first one has hatched on 3rd of April, the latter on 7th of April (and he's still the smallest one). Upon hatching, the chicks are covered with light floccus, and their eyes are closed (they open in a week or so). The chicks sit in a nest on the earth. The mother never leaves their side, she warms them, protects, and feeds (the male brings them mice, and the female gives it to chicks). This is touching and exciting to see. 

Please be quiet near the enclosure so you don't disturb the mother. 

In nature eagle owls start breeding early - usually females lay the eggs in February or March. Eagle owls don't build nests, and females lay eggs in a small hole in the ground. They sit on eggs for 34-36 and males feed them during this time. The eggs are laid at 2-4 days intervals, so the chicks are of different age. For the first few days the female tears the food into small pieces and feeds chicks, then the pieces grow bigger, and in 3 weeks the chicks are able to feed on their own. They leave the nest when they are 50-60 days old.