Зоопарк Онлайн Birds House redecoration

Birds House redecoration


We’ve opened the right wing of our Birds House: all the engineering systems were replaced, and visitors' area and enclosures were totally renewed. New design is based on absctract compositions: as you move past the enclosures, the compositions turn into wildlife landscapes — jungle, tropics, savannah. The walls were decorated using a sgraffito technique — several layers of coloured plaster were applied and then scratched to reveal underlying layers.

We have a variety of species in our Birds House, including black stork, black-crowned crane, scarlet macaw, burrowing parrot, palm cockatoo, and many more. Also you’ll find there information boards with many fascinationg facts about birds' biology, eggs' structure, chicks' development, etc.

Concept&design by Maxim Lytov, Yury Melexetyan, Zoloto Group.

Photos by Alexander Sashin.