Зоопарк Онлайн Come and see our Amur leopard!

Come and see our Amur leopard!


A young male called Miser has arrived to the Moscow zoo — you may find him in a Wild Felids area in the Old Territory. He was born a year and a half ago at our breeding station and arrived to us from there.

Amur leopard is very hard to breed in captivity: very often animals just can’t come to terms with each other. However at our breeding station leopards bear offsprings on a regular basis.

During the winter months leopards' coloring varies from light yellow to rusty and golden red, and during the summer it becomes more bright. Leopards are very sharp-eared, keen-sighted, and sharp-nosed. They’re rather acute and usually are quite calm, but when hunting, they are lightning-fast, and can climb a tree while carrying a prey excessing their own weight.

Amur leopard is a critically endangered species. This is the rarest of all leopard sub-species, and there are only a few dozens in the wild. The majority of the population inhabits South-West of the Primorsky territory.