Зоопарк Онлайн Come and see our graffiti!

Come and see our graffiti!


We have colourful animal graffiti now! FGA graffiti team has set a goal to turn Moscow zoo into a bright urban object. For starters, they drew a bunny, a racoon and a red panda in the Children Zoo. Then they turned their attention to trash bins — we have a lot of those! Alas, they’re not dull grey bins anymore — Vasily LST from Siberia has turned them into gaudy objets d’art. Now you can tell who’s nearby just by looking at a bin — zebras, leopards, giraffes, tigers, butterflies, and birds have their own signature cans now. Vasily is planning to paint all the zoo cans in the nearest future.

You can see another work of Vasily near the Krasnaya Presnya exit. When you leave the zoo, two giant flamingos will see you out and ask to come back.