Зоопарк Онлайн Come and see the Red Panda!

Come and see the Red Panda!


Our Red Panda has finally occupied the enclosure. Young female, by the name of Zein, arrived at the zoo at the end of September,2014. The animal spent six weeks at the quarantine, and now one can see it at the Tropical Cats' Pavilion. The Red Panda is a stunning beauty, but it is also very timid. Please don't knock on the glass and don't use flash when making photos - these simple rules will let Zein live a long and happy life.

Red Pandas have very brightly coloured, long, thick and soft fur. Their habitat is in the south-eastern part of Himalayan mountains, covered by thick and high forests. These animals are very sensitive to heat and can't tolerate temperatures higher than 300C. Red Panda is enlisted in the International Red Book with a status of "endangered species". Red Pandas have not been studied enough in the wild, and most of the data about their reproduction biology have been collected by zoos.

Red Panda is a crepuscular animal: it sleeps during the day at the nest on a tree, its head covered by its tail, or sometimes just sitting on a tree branch with its head bent down between the front paws. When dusk comes, the animal very smartly goes down moving with its head being lower than its tail. Though Red Pandas are considered carnivores, 95% of their ration are young leaves and bamboo sprouts. The rest 5% - fruit, beries, mushrooms, birds' eggs and small rodents. Red Panda is one of the few animals which can eat not only when they sit down, but also lying on their back. In the wild, Red Pandas live 8-10 years long, and their record for life in captivity is 19 years.