Employees of Moscow zoo took part in a seminar on Small Predatory animals


At the end of March, the first international seminar on the maintenance of small predatory mammals in zoos was held at the Gaia zoo in the Netherlands. The workshop was organized by a working group on small predatory mammals of the European Association of Zoos and Aquariums (EAZA Small Carnivore TAG) in order to exchange experience in research, conservation programs, issues of keeping small predatory mammals in zoos. More than 100 zoo staff from Europe, America and Australia took part in the workshop.

The seminar discussed the issues of environmental protection programs, keeping and breeding in captivity, feeding, enriching the environment and increasing the welfare of animals. Round tables were held on the content of specific species: coati, genettes, raccoons, meerkats, minks, red pandas, skunks, martens, otters and wolverines. The workshop participants shared their own experience in feeding these species, the design of enclosures and the actual problems in their content.

More than 20 reports were made during the seminar, two of which were presented by the staff of Moscow zoo. These reports highlighted the issues of artificial feeding and the formation of a group of striped mongooses and the richest reproduction experience of wolverines in captivity.

Such meetings contribute not only to the direct exchange of experience, but also to the establishment of personal contacts of specialists in their field.

Traditional for such events are sightseeing tours of the zoo, where they are held. As part of the trip, the staff of Moscow zoo had the opportunity, in addition to the Gaia zoo, to visit the zoos of Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Frankfurt am Main as well. Visiting other zoos allows to get personally acquainted with the conditions of keeping the animals, interesting technical and design solutions for their exposure, branding features in foreign zoos, label design and educational information.

The gained experience and knowledge will not only increase the well-being of the species already contained at Moscow zoo, but also reasonably plan to update our exhibitions and collections.


The emblem of the working group on small predators of the European Association of Zoos and Aquariums (EAZA Small Carnivore TAG)


Contact exposition in the Tropical house at Amsterdam zoo
Aviary of prairie dogs at the zoo Rotterdam
Raccoons’ enclosure and information board on the biology of this species at Rotterdam zoo
Marine aquarium at Rotterdam zoo
Contact exposition at Rotterdam zoo
Red pandas at Rotterdam zoo
Food enrichment of the environment of shrubby dogs at Gaia zoo
Joint exhibition of capybaras and Capuchins sp. at Gaia zoo
Report on the exposure of small predators at Gaia zoo
Employee of Moscow zoo during her report
Board with the names of guardians at Frankfurt zoo
Dwarf mongoose at Frankfurt zoo
Vicunas’ enclosure at Frankfurt zoo