Last Saturday, as part of the «Movie Night» campaign, the premiere of the documentary film “The great journey of the giant pandas” happened. It was dedicated to the arrival of Dindin and Zhui to Russia. Look at the unique shots of transporting animals, their preparation for moving to Moscow and life at home, more than 300 people came. More than 300 people came to see the unique shots of animals’ transportation, the preparation for their movement to Moscow and life in their homeland.

Participation in the «Movie Night» is a good tradition for Moscow zoo, rooted in the last few years. However, this year a film of such format has been presented in the action program for the first time. “The great journey of the giant pandas” is a detailed newsreel, telling about the enormous work that has been done to bring the bamboo bears back to the zoo's exposition. There is the footage of Chinese reserves in the film, where giant pandas live, side by side with the filming of the process of the zoo employees’ training in all the subtleties of caring for bamboo bears. The film also shows the farewell ceremony with Dindin and Zhui in China and the solemn transfer of animals to the collection of Moscow zoo, which took place in June with the participation of top officials of Russia and China.

"We were very pleased to have the opportunity to take part in the "Movie Night" and tell the Moscow residents and guests of the capital about the difficult and incredibly intense period of preparation for the arrival of pandas. Working on "The great journey of the giant pandas", we tried not to miss any of the key moments of this important event. The film includes footage of the reconstruction of the pavilion, where Dindin and Zhui live now, the training of our employees in China, their communication with the leading experts on giant pandas, as well as fascinating shooting of the flight of animals from China to Russia. The appearance of pandas at Moscow zoo is a very long-awaited and significant event, and we wanted to tell about it to our dear visitors, as well as those who have not yet had time to meet Dindin and Zhui", - the Moscow zoo CEO Svetlana Akulova said.

Ruben Oganesov, Deputy General Director for marketing and corporate communications of «Russian Post», became a special guest of the "Movie Night" at the zoo. Before the demonstration of the film, he turned to the audience and told about the participation of the “Russian Post" in the transportation of giant pandas to Moscow. The plane of this organization, called «Catherine II», delivered Dindin and Zhui to the capital, and also provided the animals with the most comfortable and safe flight.

“We flew at an altitude below standard. Sure, because they are gentle animals, it is not typical for them to fly at an altitude of 10-12 thousand meters above the ground. The specialists of the «Russian Post» have prepared the aircrafts and have taken the pandas to Zhukovsky International Airport. Then the animals were transferred to the re-equipped mail trucks and delivered to Moscow zoo. We made the first-class transportation for the pandas. Cages, toys, zoologist nearby, their condition was monitored all the time,” - Ruben Oganesov commented.