Зоопарк Онлайн Five flamingo chicks have hatched

Five flamingo chicks have hatched


We have five brand new flamingo chicks — one pink and four reds. The eldest is one month old, while the youngest has hatched only 10 days ago. They already spend a lot of time outside of their nest.

Upon hatching, flamingo chicks are white with pink legs and beaks — this is their first plumage. The second appears on the second week — floccus turns grey, and beak and legs turn black. Two weeks later, floccus gets darker and beak starts curving downwards. After that, floccus is replaced by feathers, and by the time they’re two months old, they have full feathering. In three years they become mature birds.

Right now, parents feed their kids, but the young ones already try and copy the adults chasing the live food.

We have 43 flamingos here in Moscow zoo, 10 of them are pink and 33 are red.