Friends of the Zoo help to buy animal toys


In the wild, animals are busy all the time: searching for food, guarding their territory and investigating new places; socializing with their neighbors and so on.

In captivity, their life is predictable and rather dull. The animals can be bored! Our task is to make their lives more interesting and variable. So, we try to entertain our animals with special toys – thus making them busy solving the tasks similar to those found in their natural habitats. This process is called the enrichment. Our zoologists and researchers try to do their best to find the best enrichment methods for each animal.

Unfortunately, our resources are limited, and we would like to give our animals more variety in their everyday life. Therefore, we are asking for your help! Become our Friends of the Zoo member and you will help us to buy new toys for our animals! With your help we hope to buy special balls for our bears – they are not just balls but devices with a place for hiding food inside. Our bears will have to work in order to get the hidden tasty things! We shall be very grateful to you, same as our animals – and you will get the benefit of taking part in the special events and projects organized for the Friends of the Zoo.

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