Giant pandas: the first three months in Russia


Dindin and Zhui arrived to Moscow on April 29. They have spent exactly three months here by now. What is most importantly - they have birthdays soon! Dindin turns 2 years old on July 30, and Zhui - 3 years on July 31. At such a significant moment, Moscow zoo wants to share the details of the behavior of pandas during this period.

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A big surprise for the pandas was the glass enclosure fence. Before that, they had seen people across a ditch or lattice. Now people are close, but separated by an invisible and soundproof barrier. However, Dindin and Zhui have quickly adapted to this. Internal enclosures became the houses-shelters for them. The next task of the Zoo is to make pandas feel comfortable outside.

Zhui was the first to go to the outdoor enclosure. It happened on May 4 – less than a week after arrival! He immediately explored the territory, checked all the trees, construction, glass. DinDin took a little longer. She began to come out on May 13. For some time she kept closer to the door to the inner enclosure, but every day she passed a few steps further.

""Only recently DinDin and Zhui began to sleep in an external enclosure. This is a great achievement of our zoologists. For a long time pandas preferred to rest inside. They were used to it there. At first they did not even want to eat outside – they dragged bamboo inside to eat in a familiar environment. But we did not stop the adaptation work. We put most of the bamboo outside, always kepping the door open for moving and added evening shift for keepers. And two weeks ago pandas began to rest outside. This means they feel as comfortable and confident as possible," Moscow zoo CEO Svetlana Akulova said.

We regularly offer new entertainment for pandas in order they feel themselves even more comfortable. For example, in early July, a swing was installed in the enclosure. DinDin ate something on it and left immediately. Zhui likes it much more. He climbs on it during the feedings and swings with great enthusiasm.

However, there are games, and there is a Birthday! The zoo will celebrate both birthdays on July 31st to present their gifts to pandas simultaneously. It will be cakes from figured ice. They will be decorated with bamboo, apples and vegetables, as well as a squeeze of carrots, beets and spinach. The unusual shape of the cakes will attract the attention of Dindin and Zhui - as an unusual toy. The zoo invites everyone to visit this holiday - July 31 at 11:45, "Fauna of China" pavilion.

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The holiday will begin at the main entrance at 11-45 - on the territory of the Zoo (not outside). There will be a show of Chinese drummers "Golden Dragons".

By 12:00, the artists with a golden dragon will approach the main entrance – it is a traditional Chinese procession. It will go to the «Fauna of China» pavilion.

12:15 – gathering at the "Fauna of China" pavilion. Here the zoo invites you to congratulate the pandas in their native language. Everyone can perform the song "Happy birthday to you!": first in Russian, then in Chinese. No need to learn Chinese! Leaflets with the lyrics in Russian and its transcription in Chinese are prepared.

12:20 - the pandas will appear. The cakes will be laid out for them in the enclosures, as well as gifts: in colorful bags and boxes. Simultaneously with the main events, there will be a tea ceremony and a free photo zone (from 11:45 to 12:45).

Also on July 31, the exhibition “Where do pandas live? Flora and fauna of China in painting by Anna Donchenko” will be opened in Moscow zoo. It will be dedicated to giant and small pandas – the inhabitants of Moscow zoo, the flora and fauna of their homeland – Southeast Asia. Many of the works are exhibited for the first time. The exhibition will be located in the museum "P.T. Klyuev House" from July 31 to August 18, 2019. Opennig hours: Wednesday-Sunday from 10.00 to 17.00, weekends – Monday, Tuesday.

For those who cannot come –CCTV cameras are equipped. Due to cameras, everyone will be able to observe the birthday of DinDin and Zhui through the online broadcast.

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