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Hares are born!


A couple of white hares just had babies. Two little leverets are only
two weeks old, but they already jump around the enclosure and eat
adult food. You can see them at Fauna of Russia exhibition. The
enclosure is partially closed so that the animals could hide if they
want to.

Hares are born with vision and covered with soft grey fur. Soon after
birth they’re able to jump. In nature, mother finds a place right on
the ground, feeds them, and leaves. At birth, hares weigh about
150–300 gr., but they grow very fast: right after birth they’re given
nutritious mother’s milk (it has 6 times more fat than cow’s milk).
Few days later, hungry leverets start calling around, and usually a
female passing by feeds them again. In a week they’re ready to eat
adult food, and in two weeks they’re able to fend for themselves.

Come and see our babies, but please, be quiet: don’t shout and don’t
knock on glass, they’re very sensitive!