Зоопарк Онлайн Injured Golden Eagle brought to the Zoo from Komi Republic

Injured Golden Eagle brought to the Zoo from Komi Republic


At the beginning of October ,  an injured Golden Eagle was found at an abandoned construction site.  The bird had its leg injured.  The Golden Eagle was found by a local citizen in Komi Republic .  He took the bird home and started looking for a vet, in order to cure it and  find any shelter for it, as it was impossible to take the bird back to the wild. Finally, it was settled that the bird would be sent to the Moscow Zoo. All the documents were done very quickly, and the Golden Eagle was sent to Moscow by plane.

Now,   our veterinarians take care of the bird, examine it and take samples (including sexing, as it is impossible to determine the bird’s sex by external examination only). After  some  veterinary treatment and quarantine, the Golden Eagle will be placed at the Birds of Prey exposition, and  It will stay there together with other Golden Eagles, Steppe Eagles and Imperial Eagles.

The Golden Eagle is a rare species included in the Red Book. We have three Golden Eagles at our zoo, and two breeding pairs are kept  at our Breeding Station. The bird which has just arrived is still very young. It can be determined by white spots on the wings and the light-colored tail with a dark border.

It is considered that these white spots can defend young birds from the aggression of adults, not standing the presence of their conspecifics on their territory. This allows the young individuals to hunt on their parents’ territory. The adult coloring is gained by the Golden Eagles only when they are 4-6 years old, and they start breeding approximately at that time. Their lifespan in the wild is about 30 years, but in captivity it can be up to 50 years.