Зоопарк Онлайн Mongooses have just moved into a new enclosure!

Mongooses have just moved into a new enclosure!


A group of 8 mongooses has just taken a new residency in an enclosure near the bridge at the Old Territory. They're just getting used to their new home, so they rarely go outside, but you'll see more of them when the weather warms up.

Banded mongooses are the african relatives of the famous Rikki-Tikki-Tavi - they're small, grayish, and, unsurprisingly, striped. They spend most of the time looking for food, be it insects, snails, reptiles, birds' eggs, or fruits. Banded mongooses are diurnal creatures, which means that at night they hide and rest. Their social groups are pretty elaborate - usually they spend nights together, and during the day pups stay at home in care of several adults (usually males), while the rest go hunting. Usually they co-exist peacefully within the group, but are at odds with neighbours: they furiously defend their frontiers which sometimes leads to fierce fights. They identificate friends and foes by smell and mark their territory.