Moscow zoo celebrates the Cats Day


On March 2, a special thematic program dedicated to the representatives of the cat family was held at Moscow zoo. More than five hundred people took part in festive events.



The Cats day was opened with an informative excursion program "Such different animals" on the territory and warm pavilions of the zoo. As part of it, the participants of the festival got acquainted with different species of mammals, learned how they differ from other animals, what natural areas they live in, how they raise their cubs. A separate part of the tour was devoted to wild cats - Amur tigers, far Eastern leopards, European lynxes, cougars, manuls and others.

Zoo guests continued the acquaintance with the mysterious cat family on the exciting quest "Nine wild lives". Participants of the program were able to test their knowledge about wild and domestic cats, as well as compete in ingenuity, tasks execution speed and creativity. 

A significant part of the Cats day was a special festive concert of the Children's music school named after N.Y. Myaskovsky. The teachers and pupils of the school presented a rich vocal and instrumental program to the audience in the chamber hall of the Klyuev House.

Contained in the zoo cats also did not remained aside from the celebration: they received not only a portion of attention from visitors, but also special treats and new toys.