Moscow zoo CEO was elected to the Species360 Board of Trustees


Moscow zoo CEO was elected to the Species360 board of trustees - the leading international organization for accounting and systematization of animals of the world zoo community.

VIT_7177.jpgSvetlana Akulova, the head of Moscow zoo, became the first member of the Species360 board of trustees, representing the interests of Russia. For more than 40 years of the organization’s existence, citizens of Russia and the former USSR countries have never been among the trustees. The appointment to this post is a great honor not only for Moscow zoo, but also for the entire Russian zoo community.

Species360 is a unique organization that maintains an online database of wild animals under human guardianship. It unites zoological and environmental organizations of different countries, creates a space for the exchange of information and scientific experience, as well as promotes the interaction of specialists from different fields – veterinary, zootechnics, environmental education and others. Species360 has no analogues and in fact is the largest zoo association that helps zoos around the world to communicate with each other and make more progress that is effective. In total 1063 of zoos are the members of the organization. Most of them voted for Svetlana Akulova as a new member of the board of trustees.

Together with other members of the Species360 board of trustees, Moscow zoo CEO will determine the direction of the organization’s development, initiate and support the most promising environmental projects, provide support to the zoos belonging to Species360. Also, as a trustee, Svetlana Akulova will represent the interests of Moscow zoo, zoos-members of the Union of zoos and aquariums of Russia, of which she is the President, as well as the Euro-Asian Regional Association of zoos and aquariums, to the Presidium of which she was elected in 2018.

Over the past few years, Moscow zoo has strengthened its international prestige. The participation in various events and projects of regional and global scale, active cooperation with foreign zoological organizations – all this is one of the zoo priorities. The election of its CEO to the Species360 Board of Trustees once again confirms the important role of Moscow zoo in the world zoo community.