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Moscow Zoo Is Hosting an Exhibit about Amur Leopard


During 28.07 - 9.08 Moscow zoo is hosting an exhibit on Amur Leopard, the rarest wild cat in the whole world. The exhibit is now open at the New Territory, facing Primates Pavilon.

For two weeks visitors have chance to see the best shots of Russian and foreign animal photographers, watch a movie on Amur Leopards' life in the wild, learn amazing facts about the animals of the Russian Far East, assemble a 3D-puzzle, take part in trivias and contests, and get souvenirs. Winners will get leopard-themed prizes.

Moscow zoo is one of the leading research centers on Amur Leopards, but at the moment visitors don't have the possibility to see those wonderful animals at the zoo, as they're kept in our breeding center. The Return of the Amur Leopard Project will introduce kids and adults to one of the symbols of the Russian Far East nature.

Amur Leopard is the most northern and rare leopard species. As for the beginning of 2000s there were only about 35 species in the wild, but then every possible effort was made, and now there are about 70 species.

The exhibit is organized by Amur Leopards Society and supported by Land of the Leopard, Moscow zoo, and Nature Fund.​