The international Symposium on giant pandas was held in Tokyo on October 19. Among the honorary participants of the event was Svetlana Akulova, Moscow Zoo CEO. She spoke to the public with a report "The history of pandas’ keeping in Moscow zoo". Within the framework of the Symposium, our documentary "The great journey of giant pandas" was presented. It is dedicated to the arrival of pandas Dindin and Zhui to Russia.


The work on preservation of giant panda is one of the main environmental initiatives of our time. Many leading world zoological organizations strive to take part in it. It is a great honor for our zoo to be among them.

Pandas first appeared in Moscow zoo in the last century. In 1957, a charismatic male named Pin-Pin was presented to the Soviet Union by the Chinese government in honor of the 40th anniversary of the October revolution. Since then, the zoo has seven bamboo bears in total. The last of them - Dindin and Zhui - were transferred this spring as part of the international program for the conservation, reproduction and research of the giant panda.

Keeping bamboo bears is a painstaking and delicate process that requires a lot of experience and a number of serious professional skills from zoologists. We were glad to have the opportunity to share with our colleagues the chronicles of our work with the giant panda, as well as to tell about our approach to the maintenance of representatives of this unique species today on the example of Dindin and Zhui.

We hope that over the next 15 years that Dindin and Zhui will spend at Moscow zoo, we will have a lot of invaluable information, observations and research studies that will be useful for the world zoo community and will help in such an important matter as the preservation of giant panda.