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Our Otters have more space now


The otters' enclosure has been made more spacious recently. Now it is two times bigger than it used to be, and the animals have more place for playing on the ground. Previously, their enclosure was taken up by the water basin, and there were almost no banks there. However, otters are not only excellent swimmers - they have a body which lets them swim easily, their tail is strong and their paws have membranes, - but they live near water in the wild, so they need some proper ground as well. Therefore, their enclosure has been enlarged, in order to make the animals feel more comfortable.

There are two otters in the enclosure: L'dinka (means "a small piece of ice") and Gavriil (the male has a proper "human" name). The animals are very sociable and joyful, they are very active and one can see them run along at a great speed, jump, turn somersaults and enjoy their new playgrounds!