You can see the Pallas' cat again in Moscow Zoo. For us, this is a symbolic animal. Our specialists achieved its regular reproduction for the first time in the world zoo practice. Which is very important because the number of this amazing predator is decreasing constantly.

“You can again observe the Pallas' cat in our zoo again and study the habits of this unusual animal. Pallas' cat Timofey is seven years old. He took the road from the Reproduction Center for the Rare Animal Species of Moscow Zoo very well. For now, the animal behaves timidly and spends most of its time in the hidden part of the enclosure, observing visitors from afar. However, he has already begun to settle into a new home and is studying the world around him,” said Svetlana Akulova, General Director of the Moscow Zoo.

In general, Pallas's cat is a rather secretive cat. He has an amazing ability to hide skillfully. It is very difficult to find it even knowing the place where the animal lurked.

The Zoo prepared thoroughly for the arrival of Pallas' cat: complete disinfection of the enclosure was done; the soil and all the shelves were replaced. The space of the aviary is organized as comfortably as possible: there are wooden shelves on the wall, and an “observation post” at the top, so that he can hide there and look at the visitors.

Timofey came to Moscow Zoo from the Reproduction Center for the Rare Animal Species; he was born there in May 2013. The Center is home to 5 more Pallas' cats, zoologists have provided the animals with conditions close to natural, so they feel safe and bring offspring regularly.

This cat is listed in the International Red Book in the category “species close to the threat of extinction”. Pallas' cat is a symbol and mascot of the Moscow Zoo for over 30 years. His aviary is located in the Old Territory next to the panda enclosure.

Please note that the Pallas' cat is a very secretive animal and is just settling into his new territory. There is a chance that in the next few weeks, unfortunately, it will not be possible to see it.