Зоопарк Онлайн Polar bear cubs were born at the zoo!

Polar bear cubs were born at the zoo!


Two polar bear cubs were born on December 10, 2014. They spent the first three months of their lives at the "den" - the inner enclosure - with their mother. The mother was in hybernation at the time, and the cubs were growing older and getting stronger. Now they start going out from time to time.

The little ones keep close to their mother and obey all her orders: as soon as she makes a special snorting sound, they follow her and go back into the den. Now they only come out for short walks, but nevertheless you may be lucky and catch a glimpse of them. Due to the long time spent at the den, the cubs look very dirty (the mother does not let them into the water yet), but they will gradually become white. We hope for a good heavy snowfall!

Now there are three adult polar bears at the zoo, adopted by the ROSNEFT (Russian Oil) company - two females (Murma and Simona) and the male, Vrangel.

Of these three animals, only Simona was born at the zoo, the other two came from the wild, as they were orphaned - Murma was brought to the zoo by the sailors from Murmansk; and Wrangel - by the scientists, biologists having a field study at the Wrangel island. For the most part of the year, the male is kept together with one of the females, and the animals are separated only before the cubs are due to be born.