Зоопарк Онлайн Reconstruction: summing up and planning for the future

Reconstruction: summing up and planning for the future


We have some good news: reconstruction of the zoo is coming to an end. Now you can see almost the whole territory of the zoo. In September, the Animal Island exhibit was opened, as well as the African Ungulates. One can see the Amur tiger, polar wolves, striped hyenas, Sichuan takins, camels, Przewalski’s wild horses, Pere David’s deer. What ismost important, you can see the young lion cubs born some time ago, during reconstruction.

The Nocturnal World exhibit and the Birds and Butterflies are opened again, and soon the right wing of the Bird House will be open, too; the reconstructed Elephant House with a museum of these wonderful animals will be the next to open. At the present time, the Children’s Zoo territory is still closed for visitors, as the construction works will continue till the end of autumn.

Our reconstruction went on since September, 2013. That was not an easy time, but we are proud to say that none of our animals suffered greatly because of it. During the reconstruction, we had all technical lines of communication renewed (some of them were dozens of years old), the new road coating was made, many trees were planted and street lamps were renovated, too. All these works are equally important for the zoo as the renovation of enclosures. The constant electric power supply, watering and heating devices are necessary for our animals’ welfare. For example, at the Exotarium we have to clean water and keep up a particular temperature of it all the time. If the electric power supply fails, the engines ensuring water circulation, heating, cooling and cleaning, will stop — and our animals may die as a result.

This year some new exhibits were also opened: in a separate small house at the Old Territory, the Arachnolandia exhibition has been opened recently. There are more than 60 species of live Arachnids at the exhibition. Besides, a new souvenir shop was opened this summer at the Main entrance to the zoo — it looks like a real traveller’s tent described in the books by Gerald Durrell.

Summing up, we are looking forward to the future. Our plans include opening a new educational center «ZooDepo» and «Kluiev’s House», the details will be announced later. The new design of the Children’s Zoo is being worked out. We want to create a new exciting educational center devoted to domestication of animals. The visitors will learn a lot of things there: what animals were the first to be domesticated, how this process went on, etc. We will have almost all domesticated animals presented there.

Contact zones will be more spacious and it will make it possible for the animals (goats, sheep, rabbits, hens, turkeys, etc.) to leave their enclosures and go out to meet our visitors. Larger animals — alpacas, donkeys and other ungulates — will stay at their enclosures behind low barriers and the visitors will be able to feed them with special forage, sold nearby at several automatic machines. We are also planning to build a heated pavilion there, so that the visitors could contact the animals all the year round. There will be an additional exhibit inside. The reconstruction of the Children’s Zoo will start at the end of 2016.

During the hard time of our reconstruction and repair works, we need support of our visitors, their understanding and help. We do believe our zoo will become better when all the work is done.