Five Reindeer cubs were born in the Reproduction Center for the rare animal species of “Moscow Zoo”.  
Little cubs are still very different from their proud relatives. They still have red "baby" fur, they keep close to their mothers and hide in a wooden house at the slightest noise.

Cubs were born back in May, four males and one female. They still feed on mother's milk, but copying the adults, they also try everything that grows in the aviary: grass, leaves and bush branches. The cub who was born first turned out to be the most active and curious: while the rest of the cubs stay nearby their mothers, he carefully explores the enclosure and is interested in everything that is happening around. 
The Breeding Center is a home to two groups of forest reindeer, total of 20 animals together with the cubs. Bushes and tall trees that grow in their spacious enclosures provide a cool shade to hide on a hot day.


Reindeer are used to living in harsh weather conditions. In Russia, they live in taiga - from Karelia to the Okhotsk coast, most of them live in the tundra area. Therefore, they are not very pretentious in food and are used to eating a wide variety of plant foods, often getting it right from under the snow. In our Breeding Center, reindeer feed on fresh grass, as well as everything that they can find in the enclosure. But their favorite delicacy (as in nature) is reindeer moss. In winter, they eat it dry, and in summer, our employees soak the moss in water to make it as close as possible to how it looks in nature.

The number of reindeer is decreasing in all regions of our country; this species is listed in the Red Book. The Moscow Zoo participates in a program for the reintroduction of reindeer. Cubs that are born in the Center leave for the Kerzhensky Nature Reserve near Nizhny Novgorod (it also takes part in the reintroduction program) and other reserves around the world.