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Sable antelopes are born!


Our sable antelopes just had babies: two boys and a girl! Now they’re about 1 month old and recently started to go for walks on sunny days. The calves mainly eat milk and sometimes try «adult food»: hay, grass, formula food. Their fur is still red, and they never leave their mothers' side. Right now you have an amazing possibility to watch them grow and evolve.

We have six adult antelopes in our collection. Sable antelopes are rare creatures and just a few zoos keep them. They’re difficult to manage — not only they need a very special diet (if they don’t get it, they get ill, bald, and whiten), but also very challenging and diverse surroundings.

In the wild sable antelopes usually live in groups, and elder females constantly watch their calves. Every mother protects her offspring — sable antelopes can even stand up to a lion!

You can visit sable antelopes in the African Ungulates enclosure at the New Territory.​​