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The center of reproduction of rare species of Moscow zoo opens its doors for tourists


From April 2, everyone will be able to visit the Center and get acquainted with its unique inhabitants in the framework of special tours. Until this moment, it was possible to get into it only as part of the eco-tours of Moscow Zoo.

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The Center of reproduction of rare animal species (or Zoo nursery) was set up in 1994 near Volokolamsk, less than 100 km from the capital. The picturesque territory of 200 hectares contains many rare and valuable animal species, many of which are listed in the Red book of Russia, as well as the International Red book.

The mission of the Center is to form stable breeding pairs and groups of animals, to develop new methods of keeping and breeding of different species. It can be said that the Center is a kind of genetic ark, in which reserve populations of rare and endangered animal species are created.

For a long time, the Zoo nursery has been closed to the public, and only in 2017 the first tourists began to come to it in the framework of the Eco-Cultural tourism program. These trips have become a significant part of the large-scale educational work that Moscow zoo has been carrying out for many years.


"The opening of the Zoo nursery for visit is one of the important events for our zoo; like many other events, it is timed to its 155 anniversary. We have been developing excursion routes for a long time, working on the territory of the Zoo nursery to make it as comfortable as possible for tourists. On April 2, we are preparing to accept the first of them. We hope that the opening of the Zoo nursery will help in promoting the activities of modern zoos, as well as allow us to instill ecological culture in as many people as possible", - Moscow zoo CEO Svetlana Akulova said.

The Zoo nursery will be open for visiting daily except Mondays from 11:00 to 16:00. It is possible to visit it only in the framework of group tours, which will be held at 11:00, 13:00 and 14:30. The visitors will be able to purchase tickets on the spot at special ticket offices of the Zoo nursery. Following the tour route, visitors will see polar bears, cheetahs, Amur tigers and Amur leopards, Japanese cranes, Siberian white cranes, azure-winged magpies, predatory and other birds, the Sichuan takins, giraffes, gazelles, kiangs, Przewalski's wild horses and other animals.

In the near future, additional services will also appear in the Zoo nursery: horseback riding, thematic tours for photographers-animalists and work in the open air for artists.


"The Zoo nursery continues to develop dynamically. We hope that it will be possible to implement several significant projects on its territory in the near future. Among them are Safari Park, contact area and much more. And since April 15, a large exposition of the experimental department of herpetology will be opened, where rare reptiles from all over the world will be presented", - Akulova added.