Our visitors rarely pass by the white (polar) owl enclosure. Its inhabitants mostly sit proudly on the terraces and attract attention with their luxurious plumage. But their chicks are not at all like their snow-white parents yet. They look like fluffy gray lumps with big yellow eyes.

пол сов птен3.jpg

Three polar owl chicks have hatched about a month ago. They have grown a little by now and left the nest. The chicks can already take food on their own - they can swallow a mouse if it lies somewhere nearby. But the adult plumage will appear closer to winter, and the sex can be determined no sooner than in a year. 

This is the first offspring for a young 4 years old mother. The male, who is 10 years old now, started to woo his companion in winter. In spring, the owls dug a hole in the ground and the female laid eggs. She did not leave the nest once while she was incubating, and the caring dad regularly fed and protected her: the zoo employees were forced to enter the aviary in thick jackets so that the worried father would not scratch them. Even now, the keepers approach birds with caution.

пол сов птен2.jpg

Polar owls have a spacious, complex-shaped aviary with terraces of different heights for the owls to choose a comfortable place. The employees made a decision not to mow the grass in the aviary so that the chicks would not be disturbed. For an owl family, this is an additional protection from prying eyes and noise.

The polar owl aviary is located on the New Territory next to the polar bear enclosure. Visitors can already see the little gray chicks.