Зоопарк Онлайн The zoo museum is opened for visitors!

The zoo museum is opened for visitors!


Now you may book a guided tour to the gem of the Moscow Zoo - the Museum of the Zoo History.

It is situated in the oldest building of the zoo, on the 1st floor - overlooking the enclosure of our most popular animal, Samson (the giraffe).

There are no animals in the museum, but if you come here for the guided tour, you will learn a lot of interesting things - what the Moscow Zoo looked like 150, 100 and 50 years ago; how the zoos emerged and for what purpose. You will also learn about the relationship between people and animals from the ancient times and about the work of the zoo staff - zoologists, veterinarians, keepers, educators and scientists.

You will get the answers to the questions: "What zoo was the first to be opened?", "Who invented spacious enclosures instead of small cages for the animals?", "What instruments are necessary fo the veterinarians at the zoo?", and even -"What does the kitchen for the animals' food look like?". We shall be happy to answer other questions, as well.

We invite adults and children older than 10 years of age.

You are welcome!!!

Guided tours ONLY, please call for booking a tour: 8(499)255 5375

From time to time, we shall tell you about our expositions here. The first of them - the zoo model - shows all the enclosures, ponds and buildings from the birds' viewpoint. It enables you to find the most convenient route from one animal to another, to see how many ponds there are now and how many we used to have, and you will find out that the Riding Circle is not a circle at all...