Зоопарк Онлайн This winter we've asked our visitors: why do they come to the zoo?

This winter we've asked our visitors: why do they come to the zoo?


This winter we’ve asked our visitors: why do they come to the zoo? What do they think about our mission? Which animals do they prefer? Turns out, the most popular animals are primates, polar bears, and elephants. Also, you love our giraffes, penguins, and foxes.

The answers show that our visitors love animals both from closed and open enclosures. Most of the popular animals are considered to be endangered species: polar bears are listed in IUCN Red Data Book, and a lot of primates species and Humboldt penguins are listed in CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora). All in all, there are more than 6000 animals of about 1100 species in the Moscow zoo.

Most visitors come to our zoo to see animals (of course) and show them to their children, spend time with their families, and get in touch with nature.

Our main goal was to ask visitors how do they see Moscow zoo’s mission. 49% of visitors answered that our mission is nurturing conservational behaviour, 46% think that it’s demonstration of the biodiversity, and 42% — conservation of rare species. The results agree with the real mission: conservation, demonstration, education, and research.

The results of our survey embody the answers of 951 visitors.