Зоопарк Онлайн We have a gorilla baby!

We have a gorilla baby!

The baby girl was born on 22 of July. She’s already living together with her mother Kira and other gorillas. Kira is an experienced mother — she’s 21 years old, and this is her 3rd child. Her eldest son is living in Warsaw, and the youngest, Ben, is 3 years old and lives in Moscow. Ben and other gorillas do not disturb Kira, and the baby spends all the time clinging to her mother. Kira is a tender and attentive mother.

Gorillas are the biggest and most peaceful great apes. The live in Equatorial African mangroves, mountain forests, and secondary rainforests. The species is threatened: their habitats are being eliminated. Gorillas have the most stable social structures among all the great apes: the families can live together for many months, and even years. A common gorilla group consists of three adult females, several kids of different age, and an adult male.

Gorillas do not have a specific breeding season. Pregnancy lasts for 250–270 days, and usually females have one infant at a time. Newborns weigh 1,8–2 kg and are partly covered with fur. Females breastfeed until infants are 2,5–3 years old.

At the moment we have 7 gorillas: a male, a female, and three babies. Come and see them!​